Dr. Adam Zanbilowicz DPM 

About Dr. Zanbilowicz

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Vision:  Everyone has the freedom of mobility

Mission: To restore optimal mobility by eliminating foot problems at their source.

Committed to the pursuit of permanent solutions for the past 20 years.

Dr. Zanbilowicz has more than 10 years of training, including completion of a surgical residency. He has years of experience in all aspects of podiatry.  Including research and teaching.

Dr. Z is married to Jennifer Muldowney and has two school aged children. Beyond his medical career, Dr. Adam has degrees in philosophy, received a fellowship to Yale University and has a masters in education. He is active hiking and is a new kiteboarder. As an athlete, Dr. Adam is also passionate about triathlons including Ironman Canada where he placed highly and later competed for Canada as a member of the National Team.