Arch and Heel Pain
(Plantar Fasciitis)



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The best custom orthotics with the thinnest materials and best craftsmanship.

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What Should I Know About Orthotics?

Are Orthotics Covered by Extended Health?

Hammertoes and Bunions

I make the highest quality orthotics available. Using the latest technology, I’ll be able to create the best custom orthotics for your aching feet with the thinnest materials and best craftsmanship. Now with a 3D laser scanner, you won’t even need to dip your feet in plaster molds - we’ll take a mess-free scan right here in the clinic. If custom orthotics aren’t the solution for you, my training and experience will allow me to treat any of the thousands of causes of foot pain.

In short, orthotics are biomechanical devices that are used to treat common foot problems including heel pain, neuromas, tendon difficulties, bunions, chronic overuse syndromes and more. Custom foot orthotics are created through a scan we do together at my office, or we can discuss over the counter options. I use the latest technologies so you get an easy and accurate scan of your feet and toes. These custom foot supports are designed to fit your feet and balance out any problems you’re dealing with. They can help with pain, balance and your overall health can improve as a result.

How often you come to visit with me depends on your feet. I always strive to remedy pain at its source, meaning less risk to your overall health.  If you are a diabetic, you should see a podiatrist twice a year for checkups. Any time you experience sore feet or pain, you should consider dropping by for a visit. 

Dr. Z's orthotics are made to exceed the highest standards. If your insurance company covers Orthotics then Dr. Z will prepare all the necessary paperwork to get the maximum coverage offered by your plan. You may want to check with your plan before the visit. Typically 80% is covered and replacements are once every year or two.

1. Call for a Consultation

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When should you come in for a visit?

While I love when people walk out the door saying, “Wow, that guy really knows his stuff!” – my work doesn’t end there. I’m committed to long-term solutions for your pain. My support extends beyond your appointment. 

2. Is it Time for Orthotics?

Foot pain can lead to some serious problems but I can treat the cause of your pain -​ ​not just the symptoms - at its source:


Dr. Adam Zanbilowicz DPM 

If you’re suffering from foot pain and haven’t found a solution, why not drop in for a consultation? I will take the time to sit down with you and uncover the source of your pain. As a natural problem solver, I’ll talk to you about all of your symptoms and together we'll find you the best option for treatment.

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