Risk of More Serious Infection

Pain and Swelling Around the Toe

I offer a needle-free injection and a relaxed atmosphere, so don’t worry. No one likes the idea of undergoing a painful procedure, but luckily, ingrown toenails can usually be fixed with relatively no or very little pain.

Embarrassment of Exposing Feet

What Should I Expect AFter the Procedure?

While I love when people walk out the door saying, “Wow, that guy really knows his stuff!” – my work doesn’t end there. I’m committed to long-term solutions for your pain. My support extends beyond your appointment.

2. Time for the Procedure

Frequently Asked Questions

I know a lot of people get a little queasy when it comes to the idea of surgery. However, if you’re living with pain brought on by an ingrown toenail,  a surgical procedure is nearly always less painful than the original pain itself – and the relief you’ll feel will be well worth your time. Almost all ingrown toenail surgery,  is done quickly under local anesthetic. Ingrown toenails can be a pest - always coming back to annoy your toes – I aim to stop it at it’s source so you can leave my practice without having to worry about the pain coming back


Surgery isn’t always necessary - breathe a sigh of relief - with the proper assessment, I will take the time to educate you on how to best care for your feet at home. When surgery is the best option, you can rely on the most non-invasive procedures done right in the comfort of my Nanaimo clinic. In most cases, I use a needle-free injector so you won’t need to face the needle if that makes you uncomfortable. The procedure is practially painless and 90% of ingrown toenails never come back.

If you’re suffering from foot pain and haven’t found a solution, why not drop in for a consultation? I will take the time to sit down with you and uncover the source of your pain. As a natural problem solver, I’ll talk to you about all of your symptoms and together we'll find you the best option for treatment

Tenderness and Sensitivity

Bleeding and Oozing Pus

1. Call for a Consultation

Pain When you Walk or Exercise

3. Follow Up Care

Dr. Adam Zanbilowicz DPM 

Tell me Honestly... Is this Going to Hurt?

90% of ingrown toenails never come back.

Let us eliminate your ingrown toenails forever.

What Should I Know About the Procedure?

Like any minor surgery, you’ll be sure to notice it after your appointment. Generally, the most common sensations following ingrown toenail surgery is a little pain and discomfort for a day or two, but a Tylenol is usually enough to keep it from bothering you. You will be given a 24 hour direct phone line for any concerns. This is true for at least 95% of patients undergoing this procedure. We cant make guarantees and every person is different.

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Please Provide at least 48 hours cancellation notice. Sadly, due to wait list and number of no shows we must charge full visit fee for missed appointments