Dr. Adam Zanbilowicz DPM 

How To Tape Your Foot:

In the link to the video, Arch Tape Technique  , notice a few things:
I use duct tape (wide is not required) - Do not buy the expensive Kin Tape it stretches and is not recommended. Hockey stick tape also works well or athletic strapping tape.

The tape is anchored on the back of the heel
I marked the plantar fascia in a black line
You will notice that when I push the toes down that the skin on the sole of the foot wrinkles. This shows you that the plantar fascia is not under tension. This is the position you want the foot in when you apply the tape. We want the tape to be tighter than the plantar fascia or the skin on the bottom of the foot so that when the arch drops the tape takes all the pull not the plantar fascia.
The tape ends on the ball of the foot before the base of the toe. This is important since we do not want to prevent the toes from bending.