Remember, remote visits are not as good as being seen in person. Some things can be missed that are more easily seen in person . (As an example, skin redness indicating infection could be missed).

Any time you communicate through phones or text messages or email or video, there are possibilities of privacy being compromised. I cannot guarantee security or privacy of remote visit  technologies.  If you do not feel safe online using them, you may need to wait until the COVID 19 Pandemic has passed.

I suspect that after we have days or weeks of few or no new cases of COVID-19 in BC that we will be able to resume in- person visits.

I have lowered most fees at this difficult time and will  dramatically reduce them further if you have no income coming in. Please let us know. 

To be honest, when I started, I was not sure. But, with practice it is clear that a lot can be done:

  • Common problems are common and many can be diagnosed over the phone. (Gout, Plantar Fasciitis, Morton's Neuromas etc.).
  • Ingrown toenails and nail care can't be treated over the phone/video. But if there is a risk of infection or pain affecting mobility -- especially for essential workers, you will be treated in person. I have created videos and handouts that I send out after visits.
  • I can reorder and arrange to repair and adjust old orthotics... even if they were made by someone else.
  • I can recommend options for footwear, and insoles which can be purchased online.  I am familiar with hundreds of shoe models and insoles for specific feet and conditions.
  • If your visit is essential/urgent, following a video or phone conversation, I will arrange to see you in person.




​If needed., I will bring you in to be seen in person when appropriate.

I can prescribe antibiotics for infection 

While phone consults are pretty good, video visits are fantastic. If you have someone you live with who can film you walk, we can even do gait examinations.

I am able to receive photos of your feet with circles drawn on the painful spots.

I can receive photos or even videos through my medical video software.

I provide my personal  cell phone and email address for you to text me photos.

My best video meetings have been done through Apple phones or tablets with Facetime. But Webcams and Android phones work well too.

I provide written summaries and treatment plans to make sure eveything is clear for nearly every visit.

Dr. Adam Zanbilowicz DPM 

Virtual Visits: What can be done?